How To Practice Table Tennis Alone?


Consistency In Sports

Sportsmen of different kinds of sports need a form of consistency to be relevant or regarded as topnotch players of the game. This consistency can be achieved when such person practices the game regularly till a certain level of expertise is reached. Even after this, it is still important to keep practicing in order to remain in form. There are times when the luxury of having someone around to practice with might not be available, it is not a criteria or a reason to stop practicing. You would discover that sometimes, practicing alone has its own benefits, the same applies to having a practice partner.

As regards table tennis, it is a game which grants expertise based on two things: First, the level of practice over time, and secondly, the exposure to all forms of training. You can either practice individually, or with someone.

The Importance Of Table Tennis Machines

Practicing alone for some might be a difficult task, this is why a best table tennis machine or table tennis robot is needed. You can perform several workouts with a table tennis robot, it even makes it easier. Your table tennis robot stands as the opponent which is ready to stand up to you and ensure that you get better. It is therefore recommended that you purchase table tennis machine in order to get better.

Table Tennis machines are good for practicing and their functions are not far-fetched. Firstly, you would be exposed to various kinds of spins. You would be able to try out different strokes with diverse materials. Also, these robots help you to master a particular kind of stroke, so you can practice over and over again just to achieve mastery in that aspect.

Still related to the mastery of any stroke, is its sharpening. Once this is achieved, it helps your game move at a faster and calculated rate, and it could give you an edge over your real-life opponent. Also, when it comes to developments and certain forms of improvements. For instance, regulating your grip, footwork drills, shadow playing, playing pace, serve practice, ball bouncing and the likes.

One notable advantage which table tennis robots give is the time factor. This implies that you can play for as long as you want without having to worry about the tired state of your opponent. In this case, stopping a practice session would be left solely to you.

You Need a Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Now, setting up table tennis especially in a home or an office, requires much space, this is why a number of people prefer an outdoor table tennis table to the one installed indoors or best ping pong table tops. Taking a quick comparison between the two, it would be important to state that, these tables do not really operate on the same basis. The whole make-up of an outdoor table tennis table needs to withstand the elements of the weather and atmosphere at large. Outdoor tables should preferably be those with a high bounce quality, and those with a metallic table top would be a great choice.

Metallic table tops are known for absorbing bounce and reducing the spin effect. It is possible however to convert an indoor table tennis table to an outdoor one. Nonetheless, it could be more convenient to go for an all different outdoor table.


What To Eat Before Playing Table Tennis

food for Table Tennis Players

Table Tennis which is also referred to as Ping Pong is a game which has not only proved to be a sport, but also a form of relaxation. Over the years, people have chosen the play of table tennis as an opportunity to relax from the stressful week. A group of eight people could take on themselves in the game of table tennis, and play till they are tired. Asides the relaxation benefit in playing table tennis, it is also an avenue for people to bond and get to know each other better.

best food

Now, the game of table tennis is not limited to young people alone, the older generation also have over time found a liking to the game. This category is usually referred to as “Table Tennis for Seniors”. This name is used in a bid to keep the older players who have a keen interest in the game, interested. Their schedule is not usually as strenuous as it would be for the younger generation because of their age, so they operate with a special program pattern. One issue you could face, is making them come to the terms that they are seniors and hence they cannot be treated like the younger generation.

Players of the game would realize that some of the benefits of ping pong or table tennis, is inherent in the nutritional intake. The diet of a player is instrumental to the success which would be achieved. Hence, players are always advised to take foods which would be beneficial to the cause of the game. The same applies to the older generation. However, there could be some slight modifications because of the age difference.

The period before playing table tennis could stem from seconds, minutes to days or weeks before a particular game. So, it is important that you watch what you eat before taking on an important game.

  1. Foods rich in Energy: Old and young people alike need foods which provide ample energy. Carbohydrates is a major part of our diet as such, it should be included in our diet because they replace the stored glycogen which were used up during play. Seniors should take more of honey and almonds and less potatoes. Although, they are all important foods.
  2. Brain power boosters: These kinds of food help in outsmarting your opponent. They help in increasing focus and concentration while playing. Foods in this category must be taken quite regularly for the results to manifest. Foods such as olive oil and coconut oil, grapes and berries, eggs, walnuts and salmon are great sources. However, for seniors, the egg intake should not be as regular as it is for younger players.
  3. Foods which help in building lean muscles: Younger players of table tennis need these foods more than the older generation. No matter how lean the muscles could be, seniors need just a little to play. Hence, they should shy away from foods rich in protein, not totally though. Also, foods rich in protein take more time to digest than foods in other categories, so it is not a good idea for seniors to take before a game.

For the younger players, they need foods which would help them develop strong muscles which would enhance their performance.

  1. Water: All categories of players need water in sufficient quantity to prevent dehydration. Taking close to five or six glasses of water a day is the recommended quantity. This is because during the play of table tennis, you lose water especially through sweating, and you would need to refill quickly in order to prevent strength loss or even fainting.


Sports and Food: What You Need To Know

Sports and Food

Engaging in physical activities are as important as eating a healthy food. Athletes usually try out different food to improve their performance, but there are supplements and nutrition for specific sports on the market.
Are these supplements effective? What sort of food should be taken during exercise? Here are some facts about food that should be taken during physical activity.
There are three categories of nutrition for athletes which include: food supplements, basic daily diet, and specific sports food such as energy bars and special drinks.

Food supplements

There are different types of supplements for athletes available on the market. There are vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, and many more. Supplements for weight loss are also available and are used in the sports world.
Research shows that, if these supplements are not used correctly, they will give little benefit to the body and there are ongoing studies on the effects of different supplements.
There are some commonly used supplements whose effects have been proven. They include:
• Caffeine – This improves performance, except in a short, high intensity exercise.
• Creatine – It improves an athlete’s performance in single and repeated sprint bouts. It also improves the recovery between bouts.
• Phosphate salts – It improves athletes performance for short period activities.
Ensure that you do not abuse these supplements but use them correctly and safely.

Specific sports food

There are also specific sports food with more useful effects than supplements. They include drinks that are rich in carbohydrate. These carbohydrate-rich drinks are useful for long period physical activities of at least 45-minutes. They help improve endurance. Protein buildup can also be stimulated by the addition of proteins (such as protein powders) to carbohydrate-rich drinks.
The carbohydrate-rich drinks are not useful for low-intensity exercise shorter than 45-minutes. If you feel that there is no glucose in your muscles anymore after doing only ten push-ups, and you decide to drink a full bottle of sugar-bomb drink with the hope that it’ll replenish your muscles with glucose just like that, you are taking in more energy than your body needs.
Eating food rich in carbohydrate before exercising, gives more stamina, endurance, and also improves performance.

Basic daily diet

The basic daily diet is the most important thing in the diet of an athlete, and studies have shown that, physical performance can be improved by an optimal daily diet.
These basic daily diet includes: low saturated fats (such as butter, meat, chips), vegetables, and fruits. The building of the body, the required energy for the body, minerals and vitamins necessary for building, recovery of the body is achieved with these basic diet.
Matching your diet closely with the sport practiced depends on certain factors such as the type of sport and the energy needed daily.
For body-builders and endurance athletes, vitamins and mineral supplements are useful because, a high energy intake is required. You don’t need to take supplements when you have a regular diet or when you are not doing any activity that is above average.
But, when your diet is optimal, you’ll certainly get lots of benefit from it.